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3 responses to “New website

  1. Indiana patriot

    The lawsuit you are fighting is well deserved and you all deserve to be bankrupted and put out of business for violating the civil rights, let alone 1st Amendment rights, of a PRIVATE institution. And by golly, I hope and pray ADF wallops you maggots with a huge financial judgment.

    • Aw, gee! You are just as cute as a button!
      “by golly” “wallops” ADORABLE!
      Are you this cute in persyn?
      If so, next time we pass through Indiana let’s go out for some warm milk?

      ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. patriotism is dangerous

    …but that’s besides the point.

    yo mounthopekidz, keep up the good fight.
    seriously. it would be beyond ridiculous for anti-gay institutions to be protected as clinics.

    why protect hate?

    but you already know this alllll tooooo well. i don’t have money to spare. but i do have encouragement! the work you’re doing is likely exhausting. but it is also likely the most important and worth while thing that you may ever be presented with in your life.

    keep each other nurtured, strong and filled with love. to talking, thinking and cuddling!

    all my best,
    tessa (aka dylan)

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